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No Record of Marriage Apostille

The ‘no record of marriage document’ varies from state to state. Also called ‘single status statement’, ‘single status letter’, ‘failure to find marriage record’, ‘certificate of non-impediment’, etc., it is the single most important document if you wish to marry abroad. 

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How to Get a Passport Apostille

You must have legal documentation with you whether travelling abroad for pleasure or business. Legalization is necessary while travelling outside of your own country, though conditions may differ from nation to nation.

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Saudi Arabia Joins the Hague Apostille Convention

By becoming a signatory to The Hague Apostille Convention for some documents that may be submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs online, the submission and reception of documents for attestation can take as little as a few minutes, while many other documents can be handled either directly or through authorised agents within a few days. This removes the need to visit several municipal, federal, and international missions to obtain attestation, which is the formal name for legalization of papers.

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US Green Card Apostille

A green card allows you to live and work permanently as a U.S. national after the waiting period of three to five years is over. There are various ways in which you can get a green card in the US. And once you get it, having it apostilled will let you have alll the benefits of a legal permanent resident.

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Record of Good Standing Apostille

Obtaining a certificate of good standing apostille could be a complicated and time-consuming process which if left to non-professionals could cost your both rejections or delays. You can simply let us handle your business by mailing in your original document of good standing issued by the Secretary of State. Once we have received your application for apostille, we would do the rest until you receive the final apostilled documents in your mail within 2 to 3 business days.


Living Trust Legalization/Notarization

ou have worked hard your whole life for the assets and money – and know that you deserve to make every conscientious effort to secure them. And that is solely why we have written down this blog to help you decide on the best way to protect your assets from unnecessary intervention. You need to make sure that you make significant decisions to ensure that your beneficiaries continue to receive income and support from ‘your’ hard earned money without the need to wait for months for limited bucks from the government, while you wait for your living trust legalization.

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An apostille or authentication is mandatory

If you attended school, college, university or any other educational courses in the United States, you will need to apostille those documents if you want to work abroad. The requesting country would ask that your college diploma be notarized by the issuing authority (in this case your school or college Registrar) and then apostilled from your local Secretary of St

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Bank Document Apostille

Bank Document Apostille Visa process for foreign countries involves a variety of public documents including a person’s personal and private papers. One such requirement for travel/work in a foreign country…
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US Apostille for India

Apostille India

Apostille authenticates public documents to be used in another country. However, for most countries the apostille certifications are valid for countries that are members of the 1961 Apostille Hague Convention Treaty. Hence, since India is a member country of The Hague Convention, US apostille are enough to process public documents in India.