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If you’re preparing to work or live in another country, the long list of all the required paperwork may be overwhelming for you. In addition, getting all your documents Apostille might seem another daunting task needing your time and attention. This article deals with how to get your diploma apostilled for teaching in South Korea.

What is Diploma Apostille for South Korea?

An Apostille is an authentication of your public document recognized internationally for use in the public records. A diploma Apostille is the proof that your document issued in one country (United States) is authentic to be used in another country (in this case Korea). However, in order to be eligible to work in South Korea, your diploma must be authenticated or legitimized to confirm authenticity and remove doubts of fraudulent activity.

How to Get Diploma for South Korean Apostille?

If you’re an American applying for work permit/visa in Korea, you’ll need to submit two essential documents apostilled by your local (nearest) Secretary of State.

  1. A Notarized Copy of Your University Diploma

In order to be eligible to apply for work visa in South Korea, you’ll first need to have your university degree or diploma notarized by a notary public. However, it must be notarized from the State in which your school is. In addition to having it notarized, the original copy must also have signatures of your school/college/university’s registrar. It is pertinent to note here that both the original document plus the registrar’s signatures need to be notarized in order to be Apostilled correctly. *We advise you to be wary of non-professionals who claim to have your document notarized by the wrong State’s offices.

The next step is to have the original document of your diploma Apostilled by the Secretary of State or the State Department (whichever is required in your application). But do not worry. We have got you covered for that. You can simply fill our form below and submit application for your document to be Apostilled through our agents.

2. FBI Background Check

It is compulsory for all Americans applying for work such as teaching English in South Korea to have their original FBI check authenticated. It is important to note that the FBI does not Apostille documents. However, we at Apostille Near Me can get both your University Diploma and FBI check document Apostilled through the respective authorities i.e., Secretary of State and the State Department.

**Note that while some Secretary of States might Apostille your diploma for  work in South Korea, the Korean Immigration Authority requires it to be Apostilled by the Department of State (in most cases).

***Remember that both your FBI check document and your diploma need to be notarized before being Apostilled.

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