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Visa process for foreign countries involves a variety of public documents including a person’s personal and private papers. One such requirement for travel/work in a foreign country includes details about a person’s bank balance. In fact, bank documents are one of the primary conditions to be granted visa for several passport holders.

Why Do You Need to Get a Bank Statement Apostille

Whether you are travelling to another country for business or travel/tourist purposes, study or immigration, etc, you may be asked to produce a bank statement apostille.

A bank statement apostille proves the legitimacy of the information and signatures contained in that bank issued document.

There are two main purposes for which you might need a bank document apostille:

  • Proof of Income: to show that you have enough funds in your account or are capable to source that amount to make the payment of whatever you have requested (for instance, house rent in a foreign country, tuition fees of university, etc);
  • Source of Funds: is when you’re travelling for longer periods of time, 6 or more months – This shows that you’re indeed capable of providing for yourself while living or travelling in the country

There are several reasons as to why you may be requested to provide a bank statement apostille. Some of them may be:

  1. Obtaining a visa
  2. Obtaining permission for immigration
  3. Obtaining ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ for setting up business in a foreign country
  4. Ensuring your company is solvent
  5. Applying for insurance policy
  6. Applying for loans in the foreign country (such as, in order to buy real estate, lease a car, etc)

How to Get a Bank Statement Apostille

First, you need to make sure that the original copy you got from your bank is notarized by your local notary. Good news is, most banks have an on-service notary staff who can legalized your bank document on the spot, as you get your hands on it. However, if there is no on duty notary in a bank, you can reach out to your local notary who can then assure legitimacy of the signatures present on your bank statement.

Next, as soon as your document is notarized, you just need to email-in the document to us along with the Apostille Order Form. Our expert staff at Apostille Near Me will quickly analyze the documents to check if it needs additional supporting documents such as social security number, driver’s license, etc.

Soon after, a representative will be assigned with the task to take over the process from the start to the finish until you receive your authenticated/apostilled bank document at your doorstep. For further queries, you may contact our representatives anytime 24/7.

**An apostille legalized public documents for use in foreign countries signatory to the 1967 Hague Convention. Hence therefore, a bank statement apostille would be enough to prove one or both of above points to the consul/embassy concerned. However, for countries not signatory to the Hague Convention, would need further paperwork to be done depending on each country’s requirements.