How To Get An Apostille Certificate On A Live Birth Certificate From New York To Submit To Israel

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Nomad life has become very prevalent in the new global age. However, with great change come great responsibilities. One such responsibility includes carrying your official apostilled documents to your country of destination.

What is an Apostille?

An apostille is the legalization of your official documents to be used in the country you’re travelling to. An apostille could include certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, notarized documents, FBI background checks, free to marry, single status affidavits, etc.

How to Apostille a Document from New York for Israel?

While all other 50 US states requires the Secretary of State or your local secretary to apostille your document. The New York is the only state that requires a ‘County Clerk’ to legalize your apostille documents (exemplification) before the New York State Department attaches the apostille. For Israel, any document you need to apostille from New York would first need to be legalized by your local county clerk.

What Does Exemplification Mean?

A county exemplification/certificate is proof that shows who signed the original documents. This is attached to the original document certifying the document.

What is included for a New York Apostille for Israel?

Since there are almost 62 county clerks in New York, it will need to be signed by your nearest county area. Some common counties include Queens County Apostille, Kings County Apostille, New York County Apostille, Richmond County Apostille, Bronx County Apostille, etc. Almost 95% of all apostilles fro New York for Israel would require this two step legalization process:

Step I: Signed from local county clerk in NYC

Step II: Legalization from the New York Secretary of State

The following are included in the New York Apostille for Israel:

  1. Country name: The public document
  2. Bears the seal/stamp of authority certified
  3. Who it has been signed for ‘name’
  4. Acting in the capacity of ‘function’
  5. The ‘date’ of signature
  6. The ‘name’ by which it was signed
  7. Number: Apostille registration number
  8. Seal or stamp of the authority giving the apostille
  9. Signature of the authority giving the apostille

Obtaining an apostille from New York could be a complicated process with a great amount of effort and time required to navigate through the requirements. It must not be left to non-professionals who due to lack of experience could cost you both lost time and money with great delays. Since both Israel and US are signatory members of the Hague Convention Apostille 1961, you do not need to notarize your documents before the apostille.

Here’s what you need to do:

Fill our apostille form below and email an official scanned copy of your live birth certificate, or mail in the original document to our office. We will take over from there and get your document legalized by both the county clerk and the New York Secretary of State. Once done, we will mail back your document for you to use in Israel.

For further enquiries you can contact us at Apostille Near Me.