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If you need to use an official document in a foreign country, it needs to be authenticated. This legalization process is known as the apostille or ‘certificate of authentication’ in the US and countries signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention 1961. This document authenticates the seals and signatures of the official who had originally signed the documents such as birth certificatefree to marry certificatedeath certificate, court orders, divorce documents apostilletrust documents, etc. One such document is the record of good standing apostille.

Record of Good Standing Apostille

This document is a crucial corporate document, issued by the federal government and in some case through the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Its validity runs for only a few months (3 to 6 months) including the terms, from the date of issue. Generally, the certificate of good standing indicates that your entity exists in the State, has fulfilled all the legal obligations and has filed all the necessary reports and fees with the concerned Secretary of State. It also proves that the entity/organization has been authorized by the federal authorities to conduct business in the state.

Consider the case of an organization operating in San Francisco, California, having  a record of good standing document showing that the organization has paid all the taxed and has filed annual reports. Moreover, the record of good standing document is the only document issued by the State level authorities that could prove that your entity was not dissolved.

The Certificate of Good Standing, also known as Certificate of Fact, Certificate of Existence or Good Standing Certificate can be used by different types of businesses. These may include limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, Common Corporation and a limited liability company/organization.

Certificate of Good Standing Apostille

The purpose of certificate of good standing apostille is to prove that your corporation is in good standing and ‘exists’. It doesn’t need to have been going through huge profit turnover, have a multi level building, hundreds of staff, etc. In fact, entities on the verge of bankruptcy, under audit to having unpaid or evaded taxes or investigation for labor law violations are still eligible to apply for apostille of good standing record, unless proved guilty otherwise.

Note that the background check or record of good standing would need to be legalized from the Secretary of State from the state in which the document is issued. For instance, if your entity is in California, your background check would need to be done in California, where only the Secretary of State of California could authenticate your document for apostille.

Obtaining a certificate of good standing apostille could be a complicated and time-consuming process which if left to non-professionals could cost your both rejections or delays. You can simply let us handle your business by mailing in your original document of good standing issued by the Secretary of State. Once we have received your application for apostille, we would do the rest until you receive the final apostilled documents in your mail within 2 to 3 business days.