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The California Secretary of State issues a single Apostille for documents to be used outside of the United States, regardless of the country of destination. The California Secretary of State can issue all kinds of Apostilles such as birth certificate Apostille, death certificate Apostille, single proof Apostille, marriage certificate Apostille, etc. However, they would only authenticate documents issued and signed by a notary public or any other of the following deputies or public officials in the state of California:

  • County clerks or recorders
  • Executive officers of the superior court
  • Executive clerks of the superior court
  • Court administrators of the superior court
  • Superior court judges
  • State officials
  • Officials whose authority may not be limited to any one particular country

How to Obtain an Apostille Certificate from California Secretary of State

You can avail one of the two ways to obtain an Apostille in California:

  • In-person Apostille Certificate from California Secretary of State

For Apostille in-person, you will be required to visit one of the two Secretary of State offices in either California or Sacramento.

The office hours for processing are 08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. excluding the public holidays. The fee for both in-person and by mail Apostille is the same i.e., $20 (which is covered in our fees for your Apostille processing).  However, typically, the requests are processed on a first come first serve basis. Which is why, we at Apostille Near Me offer our services to get your documents apostilled through us. We look forward to assist you by saving you time by processing your Apostilles without you waiting in long queues at the California Secretary of State Office.

  • By Mail Apostille Certificate from California Secretary of State

For Apostille by mail, you’ll need to make sure that you fulfill the criteria by providing all of the following required documents

  1. Original notarized public document signed by anyone of the above mentioned officials (photocopy would not be acceptable)
  2. A check or money order payable to the Secretary of State of a $20 amount or as mentioned on the Apostille (we can do that for you if you apply for an Apostille through us)
  3. A cover letter explaining the country of destination where the Apostille will be used (you can use our services to write a good cover sheet for the purpose of your Apostille processing)
  4. A self-addressed  envelope for the processed document to be returned after it has been Apostilled

**Note that if you use our services for Apostille, you just need to send in a notarized public document to us, we will take care of the rest 4 steps for your Apostille to be processed.

For further enquiries you can contact us here.