Terms and Conditions

Apostille Near Me is dedicated, to providing you with the highest customer service experience. Our services include: Apostille, Document Authentication, Certification, and Embassy Legalization. The following outlines the services which we provide:
1. We provide nationwide document processing, with reliable, transparent, expedient, and confidential service.
2. a) We process documents from all 50 U.S. States.
3. b) Your documents are handled in the strictest level of confidentiality, treated with the utmost care and respect. We make every possible effort to meet or exceed your expectations. Your service order of document processing, process timing, and shipping and delivery requirements is our number one priority.
4. c) Corporate clients can make exclusive arrangement with us for on-site, short- or long-term projects.

To obtain more information on this, please call: (800) 889-7850.

2. We make every effort to verify that your documents are within the guidelines to make them acceptable for processing by the appropriate government agencies and/or embassies in the US for legalization. Pertaining to this, please bear in mind:
3. a) It is not our responsibility to have knowledge, and be aware, of your specific document requirements by your accepting agent or agency.
4. b) We are not responsible for documents rejected by your accepting agency for such things as incorrect versions, out of date range, or for any other reason a document is rejected by your requesting agency.
5. c) That, prior to submitting your documents to us, you should check with your requesting agency the requirements for all your specific documents.
6. We provide complimentary notary service for documents submitted for Apostille/Embassy Legalization.

However, we cannot provide you with legal advice regarding your documents; please consult with an attorney for all legal issues.

1. a) All notarized documents must have proper notarial wording and adhere to the respective state notary guidelines, rules, and laws.
2. b) All notarized documents must bear the original signatures of all parties whose signatures are being notarized; copies will be rejected, thus resulting in processing delays.
3. c) Signature and stamp/seal of the notary must be original; copies will be rejected, thus resulting in processing delays. Notary signature, name, and expiration date must all match with what is in file at the county and state level for the notary.
4. Documents submitted for processing must be accompanied with our order form, and must include full payment for our services.
5. a) We accept many forms of payment: American Express, Bank Wire Transfer, Business Check, Cash, Cashier’s Check, Discover, Google Checkout, MasterCard, Money Order, PayPal, Visa, and Western Union.
6. b) Payment not received with an order will delay processing until payment has been received.
7. c) Bounced checks will delay delivery of documents until full payment is made.
8. d) Bounced checks will result in a $35.00 Bounced Check Fee, and will result in delaying document delivery until full payment is made.
9. e) No document will be released without full payment of services, prior written approval, or on an established company account.
10. There are no refunds on any part of the fees for our services – once we begin processing your document(s).

• There is a 30% service cancellation fee on canceled orders prior to the onset of processing to cover handling, and returning mailing costs of your documents.

6. We accept international orders, and we ship worldwide via FedEx, DHL, UPS, or U.S.P.S. Express Mail.
7. We are not responsible for delays in document processing resulting from any type of processing delay by any government agency, consulate, or embassy or by extreme weather conditions.
8. We are not responsible for documents lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed, or delayed documents in transit with a delivery service.
9. Documents returned to you or in transit between destinations for processing via our courier service carries a maximum $100 cumulative total loss liability.
10. We are not responsible for courier and/or postal service loss, damage or destroyed mail beyond the liability that is covered by the courier service.
11. It is strongly recommended that you always have a backup copy of your documents.
12. Submitting documents to us implies you have reviewed and accept our Terms and Conditions of Service.
13. When in doubt of processing acceptability of documents always check with us prior to sub-mitting your documents. You can email us PDF or image files of your documents for review to: support@apostillenear.com
Apostille Near Me is not affiliated with the Secretary of State of California or any local or state government agency.
We are however listed with the Secretary of State of California as a provider of services in matters dealing with apostilles and certifications.
The office of the Secretary of State of California in Sacramento is the main office that issues California Apostilles & Authentications for documents to be used abroad.