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An apostille is a certificate attached to the document by the appropriate government official confirming that the documents are authentic. Apostilles are necessary for people who intend to work abroad because they must get approval from the consulate of the destination country before being allowed to work there.  It is especially important for people in employment to understand the importance of apostille because they may need this certificate at one point in their career. This article explains why you need to have an apostille on your employment documents.

If You Want to Work Abroad

If you intend to work abroad, then you may need to get an apostille or authentication for your employment documents. Documents issued in one country must be authenticated before they are presented or used in another country. Once they have been given a legal stamp, the other country will recognize them and give them the legal importance they had in the country of origin.

You will need apostilles if the employer is from a country that is signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. In most countries, apostilles are issued by a notary commissioning agency or the office of the Secretary of State. For instance, if you are a foreign citizen wishing to work in the US, you need to have your diplomas, transcripts, certificates of good standing, and identification documents authenticated.

If the country is not part of the Hague Convention, you will need authentication certificates. This is a batch of documents that are used for authentication instead of a single apostille. You will need authentication certificates from the commissioning agency, the department of state, and the consulate of the destination country.

If You Want to Have Operations Abroad

If your organization intends to operate abroad, you will have to acquire document apostille certifications for all the employees who will be based in the foreign country. Even if your organization is an established multinational, foreign jurisdictions will require all the employment documents to be processed for authenticity.

If the foreign country is a member of the Hague Convention, the process will be straightforward because all you need to do is acquire apostille certificates. However, if the country is not a member, the documents will undergo a more demanding process of authentication and legalization.

In both cases, the relevant government agencies will review the notary signatures of the documents to ascertain their legitimacy. In the US, documents requiring apostille are sent to the state department’s office for authentication before proceeding to the consulate or embassy of the country where you want to start operations. It would be better to let a professional apostille service handle the process than leave it to individual employees.

If You Need the Certificate Urgently

If you need an apostille certificate urgently, you are better off leaving the work to a professional. The apostille notary will pick up the documents, get them certified, and deliver them to the secretary of state or consulate and ensure a quick turnaround. For instance, Apostille Near Me offers a turnaround of 72 hours. They provide fast document authentication services to all the US states. The usual turnaround time for people who take their documents to the Secretary of State is about 5 weeks. Similarly, they take five days to have documents certified by the department of state Washington DC. The usual turnaround time for Washington DC is five weeks.

When You Need A Professional Service

The best apostille services provide free telephone consultation about your authentication needs. This saves the stress of going back and forth if some of your documents lack proper preparation for a speedy apostille certificate. They will help you get your documents in order and advise you on how to get them encrypted. The experienced notary professionals are specialized in authentication and legalization procedures and will make sure that your documents are not declined by the Secretary of State.

To Reduce Complexity

The process of getting an apostille stamp on employment documents can be overwhelming for people who are not familiar with authentication processes. That is why you should hire a licensed notary to handle your apostille needs.  An apostille notary will help you assemble all the relevant documents, make sure they are in order, and handle all the legal procedures for you. If the legal documents have issues, they will guide you on where to find areputable employment lawyer. And if you are going to a country that uses an official language that is different from English, the notary will help with the translation.

Bottom Line

Apostille certificates are essential for people who want to work or set up business operations abroad. It is best to work with a professional apostille service because they will guide you on how to prepare the documents and get the certificate for you. Apostille service providers also have faster turnarounds than government agencies.