Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Apostille And When Do I Need One?

In Which Countries Does The Apostille Convention Apply?

What Do I Do If Either The Country Where My Public Document Was Issued Or The Country Where I Need To Use My Public Document Is Not A Party To The Apostille Convention?

To Which Documents Does The Apostille Convention Apply?

Where Do I Get An Apostille?

What Do I Need To Know Before Requesting An Apostille?

How Much Does An Apostille Cost?

Do All Apostilles Have To Look Exactly The Same?

How Are Apostilles Affixed To Public Documents?

What Are The Effects Of An Apostille?

Once I Have An Apostille, Do I Need Anything Else To Show That The Signature Or Seal On My Public Document Is Genuine?

If The Recipient Of My Apostille Wants To Verify My Apostille, What Should I Suggest?

Can Apostilles Be Rejected In The Country Where They Are To Be Used?

What About Electronic Apostilles And Electronic Registers Of Apostilles?

About The Hague Conference On Private International Law