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Are you a licensed notary looking to expand your business opportunities? Look no further! At Apostille Near Me, we’re excited to introduce our Notary Registration program designed to help you grow your client base and earn referral rewards.

How It Works

Referral Rewards:

For every successful referral you send our way that turns into a paying customer, you’ll earn $50.00. Referral fees are paid out once the referral becomes a customer.

Negotiated Service Rates:

Many of the services we offer, such as Apostille, Government Document Legalization, Visa Application assistance, and Legal Document Preparation, require notarial services. With our program, we will negotiate your mobile and notary services directly with the customer. Set your rates between $125.00 to $150.00 per service and keep 100% of the earnings, in addition to the referral fee.


To qualify for our Notary Registration program, you need:
– A valid notary license
– Errors and Omissions (E&o) insurance
– A website
– Excellent communication skills

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How To Get Started

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Sign Up

Fill out our registration form to join our Notary Registration program.

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Receive Your Unique Agent Number

Upon approval, you’ll receive a unique agent number that associates referrals with you.

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Refer Clients:

Simply provide your agent number to clients who require our services. You’ll receive credit for successful referrals automatically.



Expand client base & increase revenue opportunities


Partner with a trusted provider in the industry


Earn referral rewards for every successful referral


Set your own rates and keep 100% of your earnings

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Ready to take your notary business to the next level? Sign up for our Notary Registration program and start earning referral rewards today!

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