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An Apostille can be validated through the California Secretary of State gives. Most importantly California opens authorities marks on reports to be utilized outside the United States of America.


There are two different ways to acquire an Apostille in California:

An apostille can be requested with this two-step in short.

  1. Mail:
    • Mail requests are processed by the Sacramento office only.
    • Four (4) items are required for processing an Apostille:
      1. document signed by a California public official or an original notarized and/or certified document. A photocopy is not acceptable.
      2. cover sheet stating the country in which the document will be used. You may use our Apostille Mail Request Cover Sheet, or write your own.
      3. A check or money order payable to Secretary of State in the amount of $20.00 per Apostille requested.
      4. A self-addressed envelope for the processed document to be returned. If you wish to use a mail tracking service, please provide pre-paid postage. If you do not provide pre-paid postage, our office will return your document via United States Postal Service regular mail.
    • Mail documents via United States Postal Service to:
      Notary Public Section
      P.O. Box 942877
      Sacramento, CA 94277–0001
    • Documents being mailed via any other service (e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL) can be sent to our physical address:
      Notary Public Section
      1500 11th Street
      Sacramento, CA 95814
    • Documents are processed in the order they are received and are typically processed within 8-10 business days from the date received. However, during high volume periods, documents may take longer to be processed. Please refer to our Current Processing Times webpage to see the most up-to-date information.
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  1. Person

How to Request an Apostille in Person in Sacramento

Apostille Near me
10620 Treena St Suite 230, San Diego, CA 92131

  • Apostille requests can be presented for processing between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding state holidays).
  • Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The wait time is typically 30-60 minutes.
  • The person presenting an Apostille request does not need to be related to any person(s) named in the document. Additionally, no person(s) named in the document needs to be present for the request.
  • The fee will be $20.00 for each Apostille requested with an additional $6.00 special handling fee. For more detailed information on fees, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage.
  • Payments can be made via cash, check, money order, Visa or Mastercard.
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Note: If a birth or death authentication has the mark of a Health Officer or province Registrar. Most importantly example Nearby Registrar, Registrar of Vital Records. Before displaying to the Secretary of State office for confirmation.
After that one of the accompanyings will be required:
• have that birth or death authentication confirmed by the region representative’s office in the area. Therefore; or
• obtain an affirmed duplicate of that birth or death endorsement. From the region representative, area recorder, or California Department of Public Health.

For more information, visit our webpage: or tel:+1-800-889-7850