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Do you want to take your beloved car with you to another country? Are you selling your car to a person living in another state? If the answer to any of the question above is yes, then you may need a car Apostille. Since each US state (that issued your original documents for your automobile) has its own rules for Apostille, you will be able to either get your car Apostille through the Secretary of the State or Federal Apostille (Secretary of the District of Columbia in Washington D.C.).

How to get a Car Title Apostille

While some countries may require a notarized copy of your original car document, other countries such as Italy may require original Car Titles Apostilled. So, you can either request us to make a notarized copy or Apostille the original documents depending on where your car is going in the world.

Automobiles are not the only vehicles that require an Apostille in order to be able to be sold or moved to another country. The process is the same for all other road transport such as vehicle titles, truck titles, motorcycle titles, etc.

At Apostille Near Me we Apostille all of these kinds, such as:

  • Car Titles
  • Truck Titles
  • Motorcycle Titles

It is important to remember that every car Apostille needs to be signed and notarized, in order to enable further processing (reselling or moving to another country). To start the process of Apostille, you will first need to meet with a local notary who will copy certify your document – however, you can do it only in the state which issued your car documents in the first place. Once it is done, you will need to mail in the document to us for Apostille. You can download the form for Apostille here. It’s important that you find a professional notary with at least a few years of experience. Any errors or delays with improper notarization will cause the document to be rejected by the state costing you time and money.  In order for notarization and car Apostille, you’ll need to do either of the following for each particular case that suits your situation:

  1. Your Car was Stolen and Recovered

If you had an unfortunate experience of getting your car stolen along with it being recovered in another state, such as Mexico, then you will need to prove that you’re the sole owner of the automobile. The procedure for this is you will need to meet your local notary with a colored copy of your car title. It is also important to make sure to attest that you are the owner of the recovered vehicle and that the color copy is a true copy of the original document in your possession. This is chiefly a sworn affidavit to prove ownership. A sample sentence can be as such:

‘I certify that this is a true copy of the original car title and that I am the owner of the vehicle recovered’.

2.You are Selling Your Car

If you are selling your car to an international buyer, you will need to meet your local notary who will witness you signing the document. Either the notary or you will need to make a color copy of the car title and the notary will attach a document called ‘Copy Certification’.

3.You are exporting Your Car

If you are an expat wanting to travel along with your vehicle or just want to register your car in a foreign country, the procedure is somewhat the same as above. You will need to meet a public notary in your state with a colored copy of your car title and attest that you have the ownership of this car. A sample statement for this could be such as this:

‘I certify that this is a true copy of the original title in my possession and that I am the owner of this automobile.’

In addition to this, you will need to prove one of the following:

  • You own the car and want to export it to a foreign country for personal use;
  • The seller has sold the car to you and you need to register it in the foreign country

*Whichever of the above reasons you have of wanting to get a car Apostille, once you have notarized the document, you’ll need to mail in to us to get an Apostille.

**Note that obtaining a car Apostille can be very complicated and cumbersome process and should be only left to professionals. Any failure to follow the procedure properly or doing it wrong can cause delays of months or years along with heavy costs and a rejection of your application. Don’t let this happen to you and consult our Apostille attorneys right away.


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