Terms of Service

General terms of service

Apostille Near Me is committed to offering you, our customer, the most enhanced customer benefit. Our administrations include Apostille, Authentication, Certification and Embassy Legalization, Interpretation Service, Nationwide Background Check, Accelerated Business Document/Records Recovery and Accelerated Initial Company Document Filing Services.

The corresponding frameworks of the administrations and the way in which such administrations we gave to our customers.

1. We are preparing the whole country for the preparations, with solid, uncomplicated, catalysing and private benefits.
a) We process reports from each of the 50 US states. We also give Apostille administrations the handling in the United Kingdom.

b) Your data is treated at the strictest level of classification, handled with the utmost care and attention. We try to meet or exceed your desires. Your preferred request for the processing of records, the timing of the process and the requirements for shipping and transfer is our main objective.

c) Business customers can take important action at our site for short, long or short distances.

For more information about this please call: (619) 791-6176.

1. We bend forward to confirm that your archives are within the rules to make them suitable for treatment by appropriate government agencies and also international safe havens in the US for sanctions. Keep this in mind:

a) It is not our duty to have information about your specific reporting requirements by your tolerant operator or office.

b) We are not responsible for records that are rejected by your tolerant organization for matters such as wrong forms, outdated reach, or for another reason an archive is rejected by your request for a function.

c) Before presenting your reports to us, you should consult the requirements for all your specific reports at your office.

© Apostille Near Me

1. We provide free public accountant management for records submitted for identification of the Apostille / Embassy. Be that as it may, we can not give you legal guidelines with regard to your administration; consult with a lawyer for any legitimate problem.

a) All legally approved reports must have the correct notarial wording and comply with the state’s specific statutory state rules, principles and laws.

b) All authenticated reports must bear the first digits of all meetings whose brands are authorized; duplicates are rejected, after which delays are prepared.

c) Signature and stamp / seal of the legal official must be unique; Duplicates are refused and are therefore created when dealing with delays. The legally official brand, name and expiry date must correspond with what is in the document at district and state level for the legal officer.

2. Reports submitted for processing must be accompanied by our application form and must include a complete delivery for our administrations.

a) We recognize many types of payments: American Express, bank transfer, business check, cash, cashier’s check, Discover, Google Checkout, MasterCard, money order, PayPal, Visa and Western Union.

b) Payment not received with request will postpone handling until the point that delivery has been received.

c) Bounced checks delay reporting until full payment is completed.

d) Bounced checks will yield a Bounced Check Fee of $ 35.00, and will postpone the transport of the records until the full payment has been made.

e) No record will be unloaded without full delivery of administrations, previously approved approval or on an accumulated organizational account.

3. There are no discounts on the part of the costs for our administrations – as soon as we start preparing your document (s).

There is a cancellation fee of 70% for scratching requests before you begin the preparations for handling and returning the postal costs of your administration.

4. We recognize universal requests, and we generally ship through FedEx, DHL, GSO or U.S.P.S. Emergency post.

© Apostille Near Me

1. We are not responsible for postponing a record preparation that is caused by a preparation delay by an administration office, department or consulate or due to excessive climatic conditions.

2. We are not responsible for reports of lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or delayed records in journeys with a transport benefit.

a) Records were returned to you or traveling between targets in preparation for our shipping benefit, with the most extreme total risk of total risk of $ 100.

b) We are not responsible for the shipment and accident of the postal administration, damage or demolished mail beyond the risk that is ensured by the shipment.

c) It is unequivocally prescribed that you generally have a reinforcing duplicate of your records.

3. When you submit our reports, you indicate that you have reviewed and recognized our Terms of Service.

4. The personal research allowance is from open records coming from different court databases from each of the 50 states – information is given as it is and there is no discount on this administration.

5. If you are unable to adequately prepare the adequacy of the records, please contact us before submitting your reports. You can email us PDF or image reports from your reports for the survey to support@apostillenearme.com


Apostille Near Me is not associated with the Secretary of State of California or a government or neighborhood office. However, we are registered with the State Secretary of California as a provider of government services in matters that manage apostles and affirmations.

The California secretary’s office in Sacramento is California’s most important office for Apostilles and Authentications for records that are used abroad.